Web-Based Alternate Authorization with BAM 2.1

You can authorize your BIAS software even if the computer you are installing upon is not connected to the internet. You'll need a second computer that is connected to the internet, and you will need to have some way to transfer files between the two computers (firewire drive, flash drive, iPod, floppy, LAN, burn to CD, etc).

Follow these steps to execute the Alternate Authorization Procedure:

1) Locate and launch the BIAS Authorization Manager on the computer which has the BIAS software installed. This should be the computer that is not connected to the internet. On Mac systems this application should be located at:

/Macintosh HD/Applications/

and on Windows XP or Vista:

Program Files\BIAS

Locate and launch the BIAS Authorization Manager:

2) After you've opened the BIAS Authorization Manager, select the BIAS product you wish to authorize in the "Select a Product" section. Be sure to select the product with the exact name that you see on your owner's certificate or email receipt:

3) Enter your product serial number and email address — your serial number is printed on the Owner's Certificate included in the package you were shipped, or on the email receipt of a downloadable purchase. Enter both values into the form:

4) Click the "Alternate Authorization" button to open the Alternate Authorization dialog:

5) In the Alternate Authorization dialog, click the "Generate Authorization Request" button — to open the Serial Number/Email Address dialog:

6) Confirm that the email address and serial number are correct, and click the "OK" button to save an Authorization Request File to your Desktop:

7) Save the Authorization Request File to your desktop:

8) Locate the Authorization Request File (called "Authorization Request file.htm") on your Desktop and transfer it to another computer that has Internet access (via a LAN, by burning it to CD, copying to a floppy diskette, flash drive, external hard drive, iPod, digital camera, etc.):

9) Once you have transferred the Authorization Request File to the internet-equipped computer, open that file by double clicking on it - a window will appear asking you to submit the Authorization Request file to the BIAS server.

10) After submitting the Authorization Request the license you need to activate your BIAS software will be automatically downloaded to your computer's default download directory. Please locate this file, and transfer it back to the host computer that will run your BIAS software. The instructions to complete this process are located in the read me file included wth the download.

* The license file will also be sent to you in an email from the BIAS Registration System.

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