Using SoundSoap 2 with Apple's Final Cut Pro

SoundSoap 2 can be used as an Audio Unit plug-in within Final Cut Pro. However, Final Cut Pro's lack of support for custom user interfaces like SoundSoap 2's simple interface makes it more challenging to access the superior noise reduction capabilities of SoundSoap 2 while working within Final Cut Pro. For the most satisfying experience, we recommend using SoundSoap 2 in Peak Pro 6, Peak LE 6, or another VST or Audio Unit host that supports custom interfaces.

To use SoundSoap 2 in Final Cut Pro:

  1. In the Browser window, double-click on the noisy file to open it in the Viewer window.
  2. In the Viewer window, click the Filters tab.
  3. In the Browser window, click the Effects tab, and in the Audio Filters section, open the "BIAS Inc." submenu.
  4. Drag the SoundSoap audio filter into the Filters section of the Viewer window.
  5. Set the playhead in the Viewer window to a section in the file where there is just unwanted noise. (If it is a very short section, you may want to engage loop playback mode so that SoundSoap's Learn Mode can repeat the very short section a number of times - until it has analyzed enough audio to create a noise profile).
  6. In the Viewer window's Audio Filter section, Set the Broadband pop-up menu to "On" and set the Learn Noise pop-up menu to "On".
  7. Start playback.
  8. After the noise profile has been created and you hear the noise being reduced, switch the Learn Noise pop-up menu to "Off" and move the Noise reduction Slider to 50% (the slider does not move the the correct position on its own after the Noise Profile is created).
  9. Adjust the Reduction slider and the Noise Tuner slider to your desired settings.
  10. In the Viewer window, click the Audio tab.
  11. Use the drag hand tool to drag your cleaned clip into the Browser or directly into your Timeline.

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