My BIAS software will not launch. (Can't find Licenses folder)

A permissions problem on your Mac can prevent your BIAS installer/updater from creating the folder needed to store the authorization files that are part of the BIAS authorization system. Repairing Disk Permissions on your Mac will fix this issue.

Follow the steps below to Repair Permissions on your Mac:

  1. Navigate to your Applications folder, and then into the Utilities folder.
  2. Launch Disk Utility, select your system hard drive (Mac HD), and click the Repair Disk Permissions button. When Disk Utility is finished Repairing Permissions, empty the Trash and restart the computer.

Please note that changes made in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) now cause the Repair Permission process to take 10 minutes or more. It may seem like it is not working at first, but let it continue to run, this will fix permission errors on your Mac that cause the BIAS Authorization Manager to crash.

Once your Mac has restarted, you should be able to open and authorize your BIAS software.

If you continue to have trouble with your BIAS software after repairing permissions, please contact BIAS Technical Support.

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